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Infant’s Body Found at Pertle Springs

© Andrew Mather Photography 2014

Police tape blocks off a portion of Pertle Springs surrounding the crime scene.

© Andrew Mather Photography 2014

A metal door stands slightly ajar at the entrance to the Pertle Springs educational cave where two students discovered the remains of an infant.

© Andrew Mather Photography 2014

© Andrew Mather Photography 2014



The mother of a dead infant, found abandoned in a cave on the University of Central Missouri’s property is now accused of murder.

Court documents say Latasha M. Wilson was indicted by a Johnson County, MO, Grand Jury for second-degree murder, first-degree endangering the welfare of a child and abandonment of a corpse.

On March 4, 2014 two biology students doing work at Pertle Springs, a 300-acre recreational area owned by the university, found the baby’s body near some burned trash inside a cave on the property.

Prosecutors say the charges come from an incident beginning on Jan. 29, 2014 in Warrensburg. Court documents say that on that date she gave birth to the baby boy in the toilet of her employer’s restroom. The baby was born alive and took breaths.

Wilson then spent about the next three hours in the bathroom where she eventually wrapped the baby up in paper towels, carried him out and put him inside her locker.

“The baby was approximately 18 1/2″ long,” according to the Johnson County, MO, prosecuting attorney.

Prosecutors said Wilson let the baby remain in the toilet for some time and didn’t take it to a hospital for care afterwards.

Wilson was originally charged with abandonment of a corpse while Johnson County Prosecuting Attorney Lynn Stoppy awaited autopsy results for the baby.

Zakary Carter, 20, of Warrensburg was charged with tampering with evidence. According to court documents, the two then took the baby’s body to Pertle Springs Recreation Park and left it there. Carter then returned and burned the body to try and destroy evidence.


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