Travis Gibson Band live at KC Power & Light

Click here to see many more photos from their performance!

© Andrew Mather 2014

Kansas City Power & Light was packed for Q104’s Hot Country Nights which featured the Travis Gibson Band.

© Andrew Mather 2014

Travis Gibson, lead vocalist and band frontman, sings out to the crowd at KC Power & Light.

© Andrew Mather 2014

Daniel Babcock, lead guitarist, jams away during the show.

© Andrew Mather 2014

Chad Appleton, rhythm guitarist, provides backup guitar riffs and vocals.

© Andrew Mather 2014

Johnny Toon, bassist, provides the bass groove.

© Andrew Mather 2014

Zak Appleton, drummer, provides the rhythm for the band.

© Andrew Mather 2014

Babcock and Gibson stand side by side and play together.

© Andrew Mather 2014

Chad gets down on one knee and jokingly serenades a good friend of his.

© Andrew Mather 2014

Gibson, Babcock, Toon, and Appleton (Chad), group together and play to the crowd.

© Andrew Mather 2014

Babcock falls to his knees and Gibson comes over as they play together.

© Andrew Mather 2014

Zak Appleton finishes up a wicked drum solo and Travis Gibson raises his hands in sync with him.

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