Remembering Our Fallen

UCM recently held a ceremony honoring Missourians that have fallen in battle.

© Andrew Mather Photography

A gallery containing several photographs of Missourian soldiers is on display at the UCM Student Recreation & Wellness Center.

© Andrew Mather Photography

The exhibit is on display in the main lobby.

© Andrew Mather Photography

Students walk past the walls of faces, paying their respects.

© Andrew Mather Photography

Students can connect with those that are no longer with us by seeing who they once were.

© Andrew Mather Photography

Students are not the only ones that attended the exhibit and ceremony.

© Andrew Mather Photography

Students pay their respects.

© Andrew Mather Photography

This student stopped to look at nearly every photo/

© Andrew Mather Photography

UCM President Chuck Ambrose also pays his respects.

© Andrew Mather Photography

Chuck Ambrose gave a speech to the audience during the ceremony.

© Andrew Mather Photography

The ceremony ended with the playing of Taps. Many teary-eyed people could be found in the audience.

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