Kearney Pro Bull Riding 2012

© Andrew Mather Photography

Bill Miller, a Kearney native, makes custom wood-burned signs for customers

© Andrew Mather Photography

“Cowboy Church” service. Prayers and words of wisdom were shared

© Andrew Mather Photography

Hadley Miller (left) and John Pitts (Right) praying at the “Cowboy Church”

© Andrew Mather Photography

One of the many bulls just waiting to be ridden

© Andrew Mather Photography

Matt Fell proposes to his girlfriend, Jenna Gilson, in front of everyone in the arena

© Andrew Mather Photography

She said yes!

© Andrew Mather Photography

A riderless horse is led into the arena by Clint Davis. The riderless horse is in honor of Sam Barr

© Andrew Mather Photography

People in the crowd participate in prayer before the riders take on their bulls

© Andrew Mather Photography

Holt native Brady Sims takes his first ride of the night

© Andrew Mather Photography

This rider held on for just under 8 seconds

© Andrew Mather Photography

Brady Sims takes on his second bull of the night

© Andrew Mather Photography

Another rider holds on for dear life

© Andrew Mather Photography

One of the final rides of the night













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2 responses to “Kearney Pro Bull Riding 2012

  • Jennifer Bettis

    RE: Kearney Bull Ride 2012. Hi Andrew – Is it possible to see all the pictures you took at this year’s bull ride? I didn’t see a link to the rest of them, so I thought I’d ask. I love the one that was featured in the Kearney Courier of the crowd! Thanks!

  • Andrew Mather

    The above link will take you to the best 33 images of the night.

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