Tops in Blue: Air Force Concert Tour 2012


Tops In Blue is one of the oldest and most widely traveled entertainment groups of its kind.  Composed of 35 to 40 of the most talented vocalists, musicians, dancers, and techncians anywhere, their primary purpose is to perform for military personnel and their families throughout the world.  However, the enormous popularity of the group has also made them America’s goodwill ambassadors around the globe.

Their Mission

TOPS IN BLUE serves as an expeditionary entertainment unit to provide
quality entertainment from within Air Force resources for the Air Force family,
with priority to Air Force personnel stationed worldwide at remote and
deployed locations while simultaneously promoting community relations,
supporting recruiting efforts and serving as ambassadors for the United
States of America and the United States Air Force.


Click here to see many more photos from this Amazing show!

© Andrew Mather Photography

TSGT Tonie Marshall singing

© Andrew Mather Photography

During a tribute to Michael Jackson

© Andrew Mather Photography

Instrumentalists performed alongside the singers and did just as much dancing

© Andrew Mather Photography

The lead lady vocalists

© Andrew Mather Photography

TSGT Joshua Tarrant is being blindfolded before doing a drum solo

© Andrew Mather Photography

SSGT Robin Elrod dances and sings

© Andrew Mather Photography

This guy had some funky moves

© Andrew Mather Photography

SSGT Anthoney Williams gets in the groove

© Andrew Mather Photography

A1C Wynton Warren has a little jazz session on stage

© Andrew Mather Photography

Yes, there was even a mime

© Andrew Mather Photography

A little more Michael Jackson for the night


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