Highlands in the ‘Burg

The Highlands in the ‘Burg event was held on Saturday 4/28/2012.

The event was held at the Johnson County Fair Grounds.

The festival featured many events such as: traditional Scottish games, sheep herding demonstrations, a parade, and battle re-enactments.

The Scottish games included: the Braemer Stone Throw, Weight Throw, Hammer Throw, Weight over Bar Throw, Sheaf Throw (A bundle of straw or twine usually weighing between 14-20lbs wrapped in burlap thrown over a bar using a pitchfork), and the Caber Toss (Caber is Gaelic for Tree).

At noon, there was a small parade that marched around the grounds. This parade featured Bagpipers, Scottish Clan members, athletes, re-enactors, and the Kiltie Drum and Bugle Corps of Central High School from Springfield Missouri.

Inside the pavilion people could eat lunch and enjoy performances by bands playing Scottish music and even participate in Scottish dance demonstrations.

There was a small petting area with a Scottish cow and a horse. Children (and adults) could get their photos taken with these animals, the athletes, or even go into “battle” with one of the re-enactors.


© Andrew Mather Photography

Bagpipers playing during the parade

© Andrew Mather Photography

Competitor in the Braemer Stone Throw

© Andrew Mather Photography

Drummer Girl from the Kiltie Drum & Bugle Corps

© Andrew Mather Photography

Competitor using all of his might in the weight throw

© Andrew Mather Photography

Competitor for the sheaf throwing event

© Andrew Mather Photography

Competitor for the hammer throw

© Andrew Mather Photography

Caber tossing requires massive strength

© Andrew Mather Photography

Also requires balance



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